Test your knowledge of female political history

Think you can guess some of our favourite political history facts? Take this quiz to find out! 

From early suffragettes to modern female political activists, women have carved out a legacy of public service.

With the federal election looming, can you answer questions about political history? Take this quiz to find out! 


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#1. Who was the first female parliamentary reporter in Australasia and one of three founding members of the Australian Journalists Association?

#2. Where in the world did women first gain the right to vote in national elections?

#3. Who was the first Indigenous woman to be elected into the Australian House of Representatives?

#4. Who was the first female president of the Canberra Press Gallery?

#5. What African American woman refused to give up her seat to a white man in 1955 - a key moment in the American Civil Rights Movement?

#6. What year did women gain the right to drive in Saudi Arabia?

#7. Who were the first female politicians elected to the Australian House of Representatives and the Senate?

#8. What year did Australian women gain the right to drink in public bars?

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