Take the Women in Media 2022 survey

As a member of our community, we want to hear from you.

Are you a reporter or a board member? A data analyst or a public relations expert?

Are you concerned about digital transformation, redundancies, pay rates, resources, diversity, equality and/or senior roles for women?

Women in Media Australia has launched its annual survey to find out.

The results will help underpin the organisation’s mission to help women excel, learn, contribute, and connect, according to co-chair Kathy McLeish.

“This annual survey highlights our commitment to understanding and representing the views of women working across the media sector,” she said.

Co-chair Cath Webber said the survey would provide important feedback.

“We want your views on industry commitment to gender equality, employer focus, your career, learning initiatives and future skills,” she said.

“Your responses will help Women in Media focus its efforts and serve as building blocks for our future direction.”

While individual responses will remain strictly confidential, we intend to share a summary of the findings with you as well as the media, government, and industry.

Ms McLeish said the data would provide valuable insights into the plight and opinions of women working in the media.

As a member of the Women in Media community, we want to hear from you so please complete the survey. It should take less than seven minutes.

Note: You may be asked to sign in to your email account for security reasons.

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