Can you guess the first jobs of these WiMers?

Think you can guess the first jobs of these Women in Media? Take this quiz to find out!

There’s no denying that everyone has to start from somewhere – even for some of the most successful people within our Women in Media community.

From drilling heavy metals to modelling gigs, our WiMers have done it all.

Think you can guess the first jobs of these women in media? Take this quiz to find out!


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#1. At 14 years old and getting paid only $20 a day, this WiM committee and national board member worked in a bakery making apple tea cakes and cleaning out fridges.

#2. Living a young girl’s dream, this WiM convenor worked as a model earning $300 a day. While her modelling career may have ended, this convenor is happy she can snack again.

#3. Feeling like a millionaire, this WiM committee member and co-chair worked at the market operating a jewellery stand. At 13 years old, this WiMer earned $10 for her Sunday shift (plus the added bonus of cheap, junk jewellery).

#4. Working hard to sharpen her skills, this WiM co-convenor spent her days chopping up BBQ chicken at her local chicken shop.

#5. Donning a Kimono and handling hot bowls of Japanese soup, this WiM convenor and national co-patron spent her evenings working in a Japanese restaurant. She has never forgotten her first job, especially the time she spilt an entire bowl of hot soup onto the lap of a Japanese businessman.

#6. Landing her first job in the media industry, this WiM member got her start as a cadet journalist at Suburban Community Newspapers.

#7. Using heavy machinery at the age of 13, this WiM convenor yielded a drill to bend metal for television aerials.

#8. At the early age of eight, this WiM committee member and national co-chair folded pamphlets with her siblings to deliver in mailboxes around the neighbourhood. She is glad that hand sanitiser wasn’t around then, as paper-cuts were a downside of the job.

#9. Eighteen years old and fresh out of school, this national board member landed her first job as a marketing trainee for Paul Hamlyn’s Publishing Company. Though only a teen, this WiMer was sent to interview the then-chairman of the Bank of NSW (now Westpac), Sir Robert Norman, on her company’s behalf. A big task!

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