Bringing you virtual mentoring during COVID-19

Rather than pressing pause in the current COVID-19 environment, Women in Media is continuing to offer unique opportunities for our community. With restrictions in place to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, many people are spending more time at home and are potentially searching for ways to make the most of the situation.

This is a perfect opportunity for women to invest in themselves, support each other and help each other grow through virtual mentoring.

Women in Media has forged an exciting new partnership with Brancher – an evidence-based virtual mentoring platform that connects compatible mentees and mentors and provides them with personalised support and structures to allow them to reach their potential.

Brancher’s mentoring platform has been built for the modern digital world. It means that lock down or no lock down you can still virtually meet with your mentee/mentor and participate in all training activities.

Brancher is founded in science and built for the modern professional, according to co-founder and psychologist Holly Brailsford.

“According to a recent study, the supply-demand imbalance in mentoring is clear,” she says.

“Whilst 76% of professional men and women think that having a mentor is important, less than half [37%] have a mentor. Why?

Finding a mentor is hard. Finding an ideal mentor that will stretch and challenge you – even harder. That’s why we created Brancher.

Holly Brailsford


“We saw a gap in the market for an evidence-based platform that understands who you are as both a professional and a human – and then seeks to connect you with your ideal mentoring match.

“Brancher takes into account your career goals, interests, industry and importantly your personal preferences and attributes through a strictly confidential personality and values assessment.

“Through our own market research, we also found that traditional mentoring programs can lack structure, adequate training and support.

“Brancher’s program is built with the modern professional in mind who seek structure but also want flexibility. They want training – but they want to do it when and where they want. They want support but they want to choose when they receive it.”

Brailsford says Brancher leverages technology to make mentoring and career development easy, personalised and digitally accessible.

Program participants can meet their mentoring match when convenient – the expectation is once per month – and via a means that suits them.

Additionally, participants can complete the online training at a time and place that suits them, whether that be on the couch, in the park or when we’re back at work in your lunch room.

And it’s a self-driven development program, which means each participant is in control of their own development.

Of course, like most things, the co-founder says: “You get as much out of the program as you put in so we encourage all participants to throw themselves into the program and invest in their future.”

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