About Us

Women in Media is a nationwide initiative for women working in all facets of the media – from journalism and media advising to public relations and corporate affairs.

Women in Media is a not-for-profit movement which provides mentoring programs and organises events for networking and professional development.

Women in Media thrives as a result of the tremendous work of volunteers who run our state committees, act as mentors, and give their time as guest speakers.

Who is who?

National co-patrons:

Caroline Jones, AO, and Victoria Laurie.


Catherine Webber and Kathy McLeish (co-chairs), Anita Jacoby, Victoria Laurie, and Danielle Cronin. A special thank you to Marina Go for taking on an advisory role.

State Convenors:

WA: Victoria Laurie
NSW: LJ Loch
Queensland: Cathie Schnitzerling
Far North Queensland: Alicia Nally
ACT: Emma Macdonald
South Australia: Samela Harris
Victoria: Jane Canaway
NT: Jill Poulsen
Tasmania: Catherine Zengerer