About Us

Women in Media is a nationwide initiative for women working in all facets of the media – from journalism and media advising to public relations and corporate affairs.

Women in Media works to improve the working lives of women in media by addressing inequality in pay, conditions, opportunity and promotion.

We do this through:

  • Mentoring and career development specifically for women; and
  • Events that equip women with the skills to navigate a workplace while we work together to end that inequality.

Women in Media thrives as a result of the tremendous work of volunteers who run our state committees, act as mentors, and give their time as guest speakers.

Who is who?

National co-patrons:

Caroline Jones and Victoria Laurie.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of former co-patron Tracey Spicer.


Catherine Webber and Kathy McLeish (co-chairs), Anita Jacoby, Victoria Laurie, and Danielle Cronin. A special thank you to Marina Go for taking on an advisory role.

State Convenors:

WA: Victoria Laurie
NSW: LJ Loch
Queensland: Cathie Schnitzerling
Far North Queensland: Alicia Nally
ACT: Emma Macdonald
South Australia: Samela Harris
Victoria: Jane Canaway
NT: Jill Poulsen
Tasmania: Catherine Zengerer